Nov 20, 2012
PrinceBrushie (All reviews)
Story 8/10
Other then the whole high school girl club about tanks aspect, the story is not very original, but I never really based the quality of an anime on how original its is, just how well executed it is and the story for Girls und panzer was pretty well executed. There were several conflicts and issues in the story that developed through the anime that were paced well. I found the ending quite satisfying. The scenes are well written and the whole anime had a nice pace that was comfortable, but not too slow either. The dialogue is good, even though both can get really really cheesy at times (good thing I like it when a bit of cheesiness is thrown in). If you're looking for a story that's fun, has lots of action, and about friendship with a little drama thrown in, then this anime might be for you.

Art 10/10
I really like this art style. It was clean, simple, and smooth while being bright and colorful. It fits the light hearted feel of the anime. The tanks look great, but I not a tank expert so I do not know how accurate the tank designs are. What really impressed me about the art though was the backgrounds. The backgrounds have great detail, look good, and are some of the best I have seen. I hate it when an anime goes cheap on the background, so I'm excite that the Girls und panzer team put in the effort.

Characters 8/10
The anime focuses on building good groups and group dynamics. So none of the characters stand well on their own, but a tank in not operated by one person, but by a crew, so its cool that an anime about tanks focusing on the crew's overall personality rather then spending airtime focusing on each character that should be spent focusing on the crew being together. A lot of the characters are simply following their archetypes, so their not very original, but that is okay since they display their archetypes so well and in such a light hearted humorous fashion. I was surprised on how much I cared about the characters from the rival schools, since they didn't have a lot of air time, but they were snuck in here and there which helped with the continuity. So overall I really like the characters in Girls und Panzer, but I could how someone else could justify not really liking them at all.

Music 9/10
The opening and ending theme are okay, but the background music is one of the anime's strong points. It just fits the anime so well.

Atmosphere 10/10
The music, the tanks, the tournament, the school clubs, everything in Girls und Panzer makes for a great atmosphere. I fell so alive when the military parade music comes on just at the right time. I don't know very much about tanks so I don't know if the battles are realistic, but I love them. During episode four I was like “how are they going to get out of this” like three times and they kept on surprising me. I was so excited.

Overall 9/10
Girls und Panzer is lacking in a few parts, but I found the anime overall to be quite humors, cool, and sweet. Girls und Panzer can also be quite funny at times too. If your into tanks, sports animes, high school club animes, cute high school girls, or animes about friendship then you might want to give Girls und Panzer a try.