Nov 18, 2012
tuqui (All reviews)
Onepunchman, the story of the great hero Saitama, an unemployed guy who found his career in being a superhero, after training for three years he achieved great power, sadly for him, he manages to destroy any enemy in just one punch, rending him bored and empty.

Story: Simple and direct action manga, overpowered Hero fights enemies, but he's attitude while doing it compliments so much the comedy.

Art: Murata Yusuke, amazing artist who worked in a lot of big names before, he's clear trace makes every page enjoyable, great detail in the images and clarity for understanding what exactly is happening in each page.

Characters: Saitama, main character and protagonist of the story,not finding thrill in battles anymore has left him bored and simple, he lacks any reaction to any enemy/monster/destroyer of worlds, with a smile and a positive attitude he looks for a goal. Genos, sidekick, serious cyborg who thinks he found a teacher in Saitama now follows in the hope of becoming as powerful as him, the characters balance each other quite well (This's been written around chapter 18 surely others will appear later)

Enjoyment: Personally, I have had a great time reading this manga, I look up for each new character and I'm sure a lot of people do too. It's easily inexplicable how the story feels fresh again when the characters feel almost too powerfull (Think how goku would be if he had the level at the end of DB-GT during DB)

Overall :I will recommend this to any fan of superheroes, comedy or action.