Nov 14, 2012
BatSurfer (All reviews)
"Must be tiring ain't it? To worry about all that, that is. One can only live for a short amount of time. So you might as well try to enjoy it. Don't lose your head over it."

Doraemon is a one-shot drawn by Taiyo Matsumoto and derived from the original Doraemon classic. I honestly know little to nothing about the original, but bare with me as I review this piece.

Nobita, the MC, decides to travel forward in time and see what his future self has become of. What he finds is surrealistically compelling in the highest degree.

When we are young, we never think of the future. We just think of whats now, the present. Rightfully so as the future can be a very scary thought. In this story, Nobita's future self knows this all too well. From meteorites falling from the sky, killing all life on Earth to the possibility of aliens eventually taking over this planet enslaving the human race & even the threat of global nuclear war, these are all worries the world faces. As part of growing up, Nobita realized lifes greatest fears & garnered an excessive perspective of them. Thankfully though, our veteraned are there to remind us we still have our present selves to take care of. We don't know a thing about tomorrow. All we can do is face facts and take the present for what it's worth.

Even though it's a one-shot I strongly feel as though this particular one had a viable message and was delivered excellently through the manga medium. Taiyo on board reinforced this with beautiful imagery and fresh designs for Doraemon fandom. Although some may disagree with his style, I find it brilliant.

Story 9/10
Art 10/10
Overall 9/10