Nov 11, 2012
quest4us (All reviews)
Moyashimon Returns is the sequel to the original Moyashimon series. The original series was made back in 2007. The 1st season was pretty good, but they left some minor cliff hangers, but it was still satisfying. It was not until FIVE years did another sequel to the series arrive.
The Moyashimon series is probably one of the most under looked anime out there. I mean if you read the synopsis it basically says it's a anime about a college student who has the gift to see microbes. I mean who wouldn't look the other way if it's about a man who can see microbes and goes to an agricultural school. I see why people look down on this anime because it doesn't seem very exciting. But I gave it a try and was surprised by the outcome.

Story: 7
It's about a college student who has the gift to see microbes and he attends a agricultural university, which is just chalk full of microbes. Moyashimon Returns picks up where the 1st season left off. At first glance the story seems bland, but it's actually pretty funny how these characters get into crazy situations. It certainly is an original story, but it doesn't really appeal to many people, and is a reason why this anime is under looked.

Art: 7
The art in this anime is basic. There's nothing to fancy about it either. I do have to say the art from season 1 and season 2 changed, I personally think the 2nd season art had slightly better art quality. Overall, the art doesn't really stand out, but it's good enough art to make you keep watching.

Sound: 8
There's not much to say about sound. The anime opening and ending are actually really good! They are simple, calming, and cute to watch. It definitely gives a boost to the score!

Character: 7
The characters of the story are pretty basic, normal everyday college students. The good thing is that they all have their unique personalities that add onto their character persona. When the characters are together, it is really funny and entertaining sometimes seeing the situations they get into.

Enjoyment: 7
This show is actually really funny! I definitely enjoyed the comedy a lot! I think the 1st season was funnier than Moyashimon Returns, but this one was pretty hilarious none the less. People say it gets boring sometimes, and sadly yeah it sometimes does. The comedy, characters, originality, the supernatural element and the little bits of drama, are what makes this show enjoyable.

Overall: 7
Listen guys, I personally enjoyed this show and a 7 is a relatively high score. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" because honestly this show is worth trying out. If you don't like it that's fine, but it can be really enjoyable for someone else. This anime is definitely under estimated and tossed aside just because it isn't as exciting as some shounen series. Personally, this anime is very enjoyable if you have the time to watch and it's sad to see a pretty good series overshadowed by other ones.

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