Nov 11, 2012
RosyXkid (All reviews)
FIRST OF ALL MUST SEE SENGOKU BASARA !! Before watching this season!!

I saw the first season which was really awesome!!
But this seasons comes up with more territory war against one another again.
Ones to expect:
1. New characters
2. Return of some chracters
3. More fights that are a must see!!
4. One recovering tiger cub throughout the season ( finding himself to face Date once again)
5.Date's english gives you great expectations!!( if your seeing sub)
6.More action based on Date Masamune, even team work with someone who is similar to him.

Story 10/10:
Back to where they left off...Tiger of kai Sanada vs Date....
Later on Date's right eye is a certain someone from another clan...and the defeating of that clan from ruling Japan.

Art 10/10
Great work on the armor, swords , battle ship ,flying and not making it look 3D that it kills your interest sometimes.great scenery that doesn't make it so cheesy in some scenes!!

Character and enjoyment :10/10
For Date Masamune never stops being so awesome and never get tired of him by far best character in the series!!Many new characters that you get to see 2 of which you see all late about it. Enjoyment is high with Date Masamune's part of the story,looking for his right eye man Katakura.
Fights to see and admire all characters gave good fights no matter who wins or loses except Masamune ( you want him to win)

By far I enjoyed this series even though I started to see the movie first then this wished I saw the season 1 and 2. ( well that's me ) that's why. I warned to see the first and second season first.I enjoyed the 2nd season most because it was mostly based on Date Masamune and he himself finished Hideyoshi by his own epicness!!