Nov 9, 2012
ryanxwonbin (All reviews)
There is something about Strike Witches, despite all it's cheesiness, the mediocre plot, and the panty shots that leaves you fulfilled and always wishing for more. And just like the past seasons from before, the movie of the series delivers a fun ride with a conclusion that just leaves you warm and fuzzy in the end.

There isn't much to say about plot as it follows expectations you would have a movie adaptation, and it follows the typical Strike Witches formula. The Neuroi invade Europe, they catch the protagonists and army by surprise, and it's up to the 501st to reunite and save the day. Sounds familiar? It should sound, as it is the basic conceptual story followed by the past two seasons. A basic problem of the movie's plot is that it offers almost no new information to the storyline; whether it comes to the Neuroi's mysterious presence, Yoshika's father, the plans of the world leaders, etc. Those looking for something new and refreshing will be disappointed; those that want to re-experience the magic of a past enjoyment will get what they want.

The character development that focuses on Miyafujii stays much the same; her typical good character and willingness to help others. It is again the same thing you saw before in the anime, offering nothing new or really innovative. The new addition Hattori Shizuka is focused on as well, but sadly she is regulated to a simple character archetype and does not offer much in the character department. The only real enjoyment of the characters in this movie is seeing the other Strike Witches again, and the many cameos that appear from other Strike Witches doujins, light novels, and mangas. This is good fanservice in a sense, but to fully enjoy it the viewer has to have experienced and delved into the other works, which probably will not hold true for most people who have only gone through the anime.

When it comes to the battles, Strike Witches has always been good with the eye-porn of the massive gun fights, lasers, going through enemy fire, and of course the panty shots. The animation during the movie's fights are superb and it makes really hard for someone to take their eyes away once the glorious air fights begin. There is beauty in seeing the Witches charge their way to the Neuroi, all the while giving you glimpses of those underskirts.

In the end, Strike Witches The Movie is something made for the fans. It doesn't offer anything new to the brand or takes the one step forward to beyond. It follows the past formulas it has used; and in that sense it may objectively be said to be mediocre and taking advantage of a cash cow. Still, it gives the fans the enjoyable experience that have had in the anime, and there is no reason for someone who enjoyed the past two seasons to skip out on the movie.