Aug 27, 2007
Sarcastic (All reviews)
I thought that the story was actually quite original. At first I thought that it would be your usual story. They try to change her and then they fall in love and then love rivals appear and some comedy is thrown in but that didn't happen in the slightest, which I thought was quite refreshing. I do wish that focused a little bit more on the relationships with each other, especially Sunako (Main Character).

Some people may not like the artwork but I thought that it went quite well with all of the characters personalities and I also really liked the way that they changed their style of artwork depending what was happening (or going to happen), and it makes it alot more funny and entertaining.

The sound was good, in the beginning I didn't like the opening song but it grew on me during the series and it fitted to the anime perfectly. I didn't like the first ending song but I liked the second song because it was a contrast to the opening.

I liked the characters because usually when you have bishounen and bishoujo in an anime they usually are totally oblivious to it or they use it to their advantage. None of that happened here (except for one character). I must say some characters were a bit annoying and you may want to slap some of them. This anime is partly interesting because it shows that all of them are actually suffering from being so good looking, which is very different. It shows a different point of view of being a good looking person.

I thought that it was really funny and that was a surprise to me because I thought it would not be a very normal emotional story but it was nothing like that. I thoroughly enjoyed each episode because something outrageous alwayse happened in each one.

Overall I give it a 7/10 because it was really entertaining and a good watch although I wished a bit more happened between the characters and I was personally disappointed with the ending episode. I hope there is a second season!