Sep 3, 2008
Yemi_Hikari (All reviews)
Story: One has to be clear about this, a lot of the arcs run into the cliques of the murder mystery genera. Also, there are some that have very big simularities to cases in other Anime/Manga, but this is not do to complete coping, but due to the cliques that run through them.

That being said, what makes this story is the mystery solving pair, a boy and his puppet, and how they interact with the characters. As it progresses, one gets to not only get a really good mystery to try to solve, but a better understanding of who Ukon and Sakon are.

Art:The art work is very detailed. For those wondering why Ukon looks so much like the Rurouni, it is because the two artists worked together when starting out. I can actually find quite a few simularities in their work due to this, yet their art has their own flavor to it.

Sound: The opening theme is so haunting, perhaps even gothic, as in the sence of a literary term. It is the same with the ending music. It is something that sticks in ones head and one gets out.

Character: Is Ukon possesed, or does Sakon have a major split personality disorder? That is a good question as the story progresses, one has to wonder that, as Sakon is rather attached to the puppet and is really only know being able to make friends with people, something he couldn't do when he was younger. Sakon is also very smart too, which sets him apart.

Enjoment: It is one of my favorites, I fell in love with the characters and loved the fact they were so unique.

Overall: I highly recomend this Anime to any one who is into this kind of stuff. It is worth at least watching once, to form ones own opinion of it.