Nov 3, 2012
DeathReign (All reviews)
***NOTE*** English is not my first language, please bear with it, if I use a Dutch of formulating my phrases.
After watching the fifth episode today, I decided to write my very first review for anything.

This anime is a very funny anime with a really interesting story.
We all know this from when we where young, thinking we have super powers and stuff.
It's not different with the characters from this anime.
This anime focuses on the main character Yuuta and some one shown later in the anime, which are desperately trying to forget that embarrassing past.

Story: 8
You don't see stories like this very often in my opinion.
It's a story many people can find themselves in.
It's really funny to watch to see Yuuta trying to forget his past,
while Rikka is trying to keep him in it.

Art: 8
The anime looks very nice.
Even things that are far away are tend to be detailed.
But some of the up close objects are drawn in a bit lazy way.

Sound: 8
***NOTE*** This is more a personal opinion and experience with streaming engines
The sound is very good in this anime, even though I don't really like the opening song.
The sound quality is really good and is not wrong pitched or distorted.
The background music is pretty normal I guess, to be honest I don't really pay attention to it.
The sound effects are really nice, it makes the anime definitely sound more alive and real.
I really like the ending song, I think it's a bit in the rock genre, but that's my personal opinion.

Characters: 8
***WARNING*** Contains spoilers!
The protagonist, Togashi Yuuta, has recently "recovered" from his eight-grader-syndrome".
And is very embarrassed about it, he tries to make the people around him and himself forget about it. He is bound to have a normal life.

Takanashi Rikka is a neighbor and classmate of Togashi Yuuta and does still have the "eight-grader-syndrome". She wants to get Yuuta back in his "eight-grader-syndrome" and sometimes succeeds for a few minutes.

Nibutani Shinka is the class representative and also a cheerleader (with an enormous clip in her hair). Many people would think she is the perfect girl, but appearances are deceptive. She is tend to be annoyed pretty fast and has her evil sides. Either way, she is more or less in the same position as Yuuta, but I will not spoil how and why.

Tsuyuri Kumin is a nice (nice as in personality) girl who loves sleeping, she is a year older then Yuuta, but somehow got involved with Yuuta and Rikka (again I will not spoil it). She also quite fond of cats.

Dekomori Sanae is a girl with very long pigtails and is an "underling" of Rikka. She also has "eight-grader-syndrome" and is mainly the reason why a certain character is involved with Yuuta and Rikka. She also a year younger then Rikka and Yuuta, but is quite smart (at least in math).

Tsukomo Nanase is the homeroom teacher of Yuuta, Rikka and Shinka.
She is sometimes a bit sadistic towards Rikka, but she is overall a kind person.

Takanashi Touka is Rikka's older sister, and mainly the reason why I mention her is because she plays a bigger part in the story then Yuuta's family.
She uses a ladle as a weapon against Rikka's crazy antics.

Enjoyment: 8
I really enjoy this anime, it gives me a good laugh and Rikka is just so cute throughout the series. The story is really unique and makes me think back to my "eight-grader-syndrome" (even though it was in seventh grade).

Overall: 8
This anime is a really good anime, especially when you enjoy comedy and romance.
The anime can easily rise up to a 9 or even a 10 if it keeps this up.
This anime is really worth watching, so I'd say: "Give it a try! I'm sure you won't regret it."