Oct 31, 2012
blakedueson (All reviews)
So far To LOVE-Ru Darkness seems just fine to me. But that could be because I love ecchi and harem anime. The story although has become more compelling. Fan-service is huge in this anime, and when I say huge I mean the freaking empire state building. But again I love ecchi so that's a plus for me. Personally I like the sound track to the point where I would actually buy the CD. The characters don't change much from the last season, although you are introduced to some new characters. Rito is again constantly falling on girls in silly ways. But there was something about this season that sent a different vibe down my back. I don't know, it's probably like the name suggest, a darker vibe. I always loved the art for to love ru and I still love it now. Oh and one more thing, BUMP ALL DAT CENSORSHIP, DA HELL, IT'S FREAKING ECCHI. I WANNA SEE SUM NIPPLES.
So if you love ecchi like me wait until it's released on blue-ray. Otherwise, get used to random white lines and fog.