Oct 27, 2012
Araconan (All reviews)
I laughed. I smiled. I cried. I rejoiced. I haven't felt like this before since Clannad.

Ef - A tale of melodies is the perfect example of what happens you combine masterful artistic visuals to great storytelling. I felt like I was within the story instead of just watching it, that the character's pains were my pains, and their happiness, my happiness.

Story - 9 The story's this good simply because nothing's rushed. Sure, maybe some of the romance between Mizuki and Kuze were a bit quick paced (and that's the only reason why this didn't get a 10!), but my gosh, every event unfolded at the perfect time, almost like a fairytale. What's more, is the way the series portrays the ties between each character's philosophical perspectives, and the events that occurred to them to cause them to think in such a way. And finally, how each perspective changes, and ultimately, how they triumph over their individual troubles. It's a rewarding experience, watching them from start to finish, and you'll find yourself undoubtedly growing alongside them. This is an anime that will make you question, and think.

Art & Sound - 10 Art and sound were both wonderful. Melodies like "A moon filled night" will definitely be going onto my top list alongside others like "Tabi no Tochuu" and "Palm of a tiny hand"

Character - 9 Although character development was sometimes a bit rushed, given the fact that this was a 12 episode series, and the way that it all came together in the end really made these little hiccups hard to notice in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, Ef - A tale of melodies is one of those rare animes that will leave you awestruck with its brilliant storytelling and its inspiring messages. It's definitely inspired me to new heights, and I bet it'll inspire you too.

If you haven't watched it yet, don't sleep tonight until you have :)