Oct 24, 2012
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The plot of this story may seem simple at first, but it's development is actually pretty interesting. Usually each episode focueses in one of the sisters (Chizuru or Mizuki) and how the deal with a supernatural creature they encounter (or supernatural event). The story was more funny and childish when Mizuki was the protagonist of the episode and more dramatic and serious when the protagonist was Chizuru. Personally, I found Chizuru's episodes more deep because they transmited her feelings of anxiousness, confusing and most importantly loneliness because of being able to see ghosts. Moreover the story is education as it shows elements about Japanese Literature (the supernatural events). Finally, the bond between the two sisters is shown continously during the show, how they help each other and how they compliment each other. It might be a supernatural anime but the feelings and thoughts in it are realistic and touching.
The character's design was simple, yet original in my point of view. The background and attire clearly showed how Japanese people in villages live like.
The sound reminded me a bit of traditional Japanese music, it was deep especially at the end of the episodes when they playes the instrumental version of the opening. Though it is kind of susbjective whether one finds it likeable or not.
The two sisters are clearly the opposite of each other, but as I said before they compliment each other exactly due to that reason. Chizuru is kind of pesimistic, quiet and slighly introverted while Mizuki is energetic, extroverted and impulsive. The rest of the characters don't play an important role in the story but in some of the episodes which are focused on them we can see what kind of people they are. It's actually not the typical anime with some school girls making jokes and having fun.
I enjoyed this anime because I found it interesting, I wanted to see what creature would appear in the next episode, if it would be good or evil and how the sisters would deal with it. I believe this series are worth watching if someone is interested in Japanese literature or supernatural events.