Oct 23, 2012
Heta-rashi1 (All reviews)
So- to begin, I enjoyed this series. Yes it was interesting and slightly difficult to get into and wrap around the whole concept but once into the anime it gets more understandable.

Story-8: Reason-again with most 12 episode anime they had a lot of ideas and fewer episodes to get them all in. But they manage to pull it off. They added multiple characters that are delicately intertwined and revolve around one another in some way. The concept of the mind is always present in the anime and must always be included when making decisions about it- because not all is what it appears and one can be fooled. I would suggest watching the anime in maybe one full go or maybe over 2-3 days without missing, because you will have some difficultly putting loose ends together.

Art-8-Reason: I'll be honest, since I'm not an artist, and I didn't want to say that this anime's art-style is like every other anime, that's just not good enough. This anime had great art work, especially in the form of the weapons used. Again because this anime focused around what the mind could do and create the artwork to assist that idea along was detailed, and colorful. I would suggest focusing more on the Di-swords since their designs and the main thing. The character's designs are I suppose common but they do have their individual styles. Ranging from long-haired to short, colors from pink to silver, black, and blonde. The eye colors all matching and added to the characters. At some points feathers, and sparkling of the Di-swords happens(won't give too much) but it usually symbolizes something within the anime and it was rather beautiful how it was done. The background is decent. The city scenes again depict what Tokyo looks like(most part, not making too generalized statements), and when it comes to certain scenes for example the first scene you see in the anime- will change your mood. It's dark, you're curious as to how it happened, and this is where the artwork gets /very/ into things.

Sound:7-Reason:Not alot to go on when it comes to the sound. Depending on if you watch subbed or dubbed the voices are amazing. Some characters have their switch-moments where they sound one way then another. On average really for background sounds, yeah you get the delusion sounds-which are kinda creepy, and the rain in the beginning of the anime- the fighting with the swords does sound like it looks. The series keeps one opening and one ending all throughout- and I personally loved them. The beat is something you can rock or nod your head to, and the female lead has such a strong voice, for both songs. The ending has a little English sung(opening does too but around the end) and both songs fits the plot of the anime overall.

Character:7-Reason: They added a lot of characters in a short amount of time. And because the anime deals with delusions and false things, what you see in a character may change or not be real at all. There was no extensive background for all the characters- just bits and pieces, but only enough to progress the story and why the characters need to fight. The most detailed of the characters wold possibly be the main one since his comes out of the blue.(Won't reveal more than that). The villains within the anime do a heck of a good job masking themselves until later- but if one can put the pieces together then it is fairly simple. Oh and look out for a guy that looks like a homeless person. ^^

Enjoyment: I enjoyed it fully which is why I gave it an 8. Yes the only reason it didn't get a 10 was because of the confusion it causes at the beginning and the way all the characters come together. Not saying it's a full on rush just to get them all in, but they were delightful with their own personalities and had meanings. They added some Mythology into it as well which I thought was a good touch since it connected with the plot as well. You'll enjoy the ending, you may even cry.

Overall-8: Reason- the characters-good enough to be their own and progress the story. Artwork and sound- decent to great depending on the scenes, and what was going on. Story and plot over all-confusing, mysterious, but a well-defined one that would give any mystery goer a run for their money.
My suggestion is if you watch this series, go and watch it first- then watch Stein's;Gate. It has a connection to it.