Oct 19, 2012
quest4us (All reviews)
"The Sky's the Limit"
This is a frequently used quote, notable in literature. One can take it literally as in the sky is as far as we can go. Or metaphorically meaning the sky has endless possibilities. Lets go with metaphorically! The sky is the limit, it holds the endless list of dreams one wishes. Why am I telling you about a quote rather than the anime? Well the sky is the limit, right? Not in the wold of Air Gear it is, one can go beyond the skies in order to reach their dream.


Story: 9
Simply imagine a world where your aloud to touch the vast sky, practically soar through the heavens, and feel the wind in your hair as you race across open air! All this is possible in the world of Air Gear. The world of Air Gear uses the invention of the Air Treks (A-T's). Air trek's are basically advanced roller blades allowing the user to race through the streets, buildings, and the air with amazing speeds and ease! No matter how big or small you may be, when these people put on their Air Gear, they feel as swift as bird flying through the sky.

The story revolves around a young teen named Itsuki Minami or easier said "Ikki". Ikki has loves the sky ever since he was young, Once Ikki finds out about the Air Gear world, he is hooked on them. This new fad of 'Air Treks' swept the nation's youth and all over gangs are being formed that compete in various events, tournaments or races using their A-T's . Ikki forms his own team,Kogarasumaru, with the help of some friends and they start to compete in these events. There is a special ranking system in the world of Air Gear, and the highest rank skaters are know as Sky Kings. Ikki's team wants to be the number 1 team out there. Even Ikki wants and has the potential to be a Sky King.

Art: 8
The art in Air Gear is overall well done and drawn well. The art has great detail and the action scene art is especially great. It's not super beautiful art, but it has a more rustic, cool look to it.

Sound: 8
The opening and ending of Air Gear are truly great. It fits this genre perfectly with some nice rock and roll beats. Even the sound effects and background music fit nicely with the appropriate scenes.

Characters: 8
Each character is unique in what kind of Air Trek they use and each have their own different goals. Overall all the character are nicely developed and have unique characteristics that stick with them and make it good.

Enjoyment: 9
The enjoyment factor is great if your a person who enjoys some cool actions and racing scenes. These aren't any ordinary, boring race scenes, there are complex race tracks many times with obstacles! Plus this new concept of Air Treks have never been seen before, so it's a unique twist on its own. The whole idea of Air Treks and tournaments, races, and events that teams compete in, is very enjoyable.

Overall: 8.5 - 9
I really enjoyed this anime and the plot is original. I'm sad that it only has 25 episodes, it would have been a great anime to continue. This anime teaches an important lesson, that to always reach for the sky because the sky, like our dreams, has endless possibilities.

"Look at the sky, it’s so far away. But right here, right now it seems so close."
~Air Gear
Lesson learned: Your dreams may be closer than you think, just never give up on them.