Oct 18, 2012
aznmagic29 (All reviews)
I have been reading the manga before the movie even came out so I have a general idea of what was to come but watching the movie without knowing too much about piano was really something. The movie was everything I pictured it would be it had most of the major parts that was in the manga. The movie does not stray from the manga. The movie is about boys name Ichinose Kai and Amamiya Shuuhei friendship through their love for the piano. Kai is portrayed as a piano prodigy because he can play the piano without having taken any lesson and can play a song just from hearing it once. Shuuhei has mastered the piano because he has taken many lessons and practice long hours to get where he is today.
The movie is good with an excellent story. The art used in this movie fits it perfectly. The music used in the movie fit but I do not know classical music so I cannot judge. The movie is worth the watch even though it does not seem like at first. I would recommend this movie to anyone that watches anime and looking for an anime about friendship and music.