Oct 18, 2012
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One Line Summary: The predictable ending of this one shot is made up by the headstrong but confused leading lady and her indifferent but loyal butler.

What is it about:
Our story takes place in 18th century France. Misia Bartley’s aristocratic family has been racking up debt for eight generations and it’s up to her to pay it all back. She decides to sell her body for 100 million livres (old French currency) and – despite her butler Jack’s concerns - makes offers to three rich bachelors who would love to have the title of viscount. The three must gather enough money to gain her hand but is there another player in the mix?

The story is straightforward and the ending is predictable. What makes the story interesting is the question that is posed by the characters: what is the idea of pride? What does pride mean to you?

Who is in it:
There is Viscountess Misia Bartley and her butler Jack. Misia is just focused on paying back the family debt. She’s headstrong but is confused about the concept of pride which she learns by the end of story. Jack is indifferent but a whiz and making machines. It is pretty easy to see that he is in love with her. Misia’s brashness and Jack’s calm demeanor complement each other perfectly and make them a delightful couple to read about.

Is it pretty:
The artwork is beautiful and one can tell Ichinose put loving detail into the character costume designs – especially Misia’s.

Would you recommend it:
Yes. It’s a short read and an example of shoujo where the romance is subtle but charming.