Oct 15, 2012
Danno (All reviews)
Bakuman is both entertaining and educational. It shows that it's not so simple to write or draw something that people will appreciate. If you want to make something truly good, you might have to revise and redo it several times as they do in this series. I like that Bakuman shows how difficult it is; it makes it more realistic. It's still entertaining at an anime level, though, since the characters passionately aim for the top.

* * * S T O R Y * * *
It's rather original and is likely to draw in anyone with an interest in anime/manga. It has some pretty good drama and whatever in it.

* * * A R T * * *
I'd say the "typical anime faces" (such as oAo) they sometimes have kinda lowers the quality of this series. I like that they have some more original types of gag faces, though. The art and animation looks quite nice overall.

Some of the parts where they showed storyboards/"names" were poorly drawn and dull to look at. I think they should've at least had more panels/actions shown so we could see the story, not just hear a narration. Manga is all about the visuals, after all. There were some good moments with the more elaborate manuscripts, though.

* * * S O U N D * * *
I think Mashiro sounds a little too wimpy. The music didn't stand out to me whatsoever. Their relaxed, "everyday" country-ish music is just pretty boring. They live in a city, so why the country bumpkin music? There's other music more appropriately fitting the anime, but none of it is memorable.

* * * C H A R A C T E R S * * *
Yes, yes, people hate Miura. I think Miura was another good display of what the world of manga can be like. He also developed into a decent editor after realizing his flaws. As an obstacle, he created more entertaining points in the series and made the end result all the more satisfying.

Mashiro and Takagi are always developing and learning to see manga from different perspectives. They change in other ways, too, making unexpected decisions as the story progresses.

Other characters develop, other characters stay the same. That's the way life is, including when it comes to a manga artist's aspirations (or lack of).

* * * E N J O Y M E N T * * *
Compared to the Bakuman manga, they cut out a lot of the more technical aspects of planning and writing manga. They kept the "Tanto arc" short and sweet, really. It also feels like they balanced things out so that Azuki would seem like she has more involvement in the series. I know people complained about how small her role was in the manga, so I think this is a good change. It was pretty easy to neglect and forget about her in the manga, but I think it's important to maintain this romantic aspect based on true love.

One thing I didn't like is how they made it sound like panty shots are not only normal, but necessary in the world of manga. Honestly, things like that cause people to label all manga as bad. I think panty shots should've been treated as a cheap way to get votes from perverts, not something a female manga artist should strive to achieve. It's sad to think people would be unable to appreciate a good story unless it had softcore porn in every chapter.

* * * O V E R A L L * * *
Good story, nothing really disappointing (other than the panty thing), satisfying ending. I didn't find this too addicting, but maybe that's just because I read the manga already. This is some quality anime.