Aug 27, 2008
KaminaKai (All reviews)
Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de also known as They Are My Noble Masters is an anime originally based from an adult visual novel game for PC. It was later released for the PS2 with the adult contents taken out. Finally, the anime version was released in early January of 2008.

They Are My Noble Masters (anime version at least) is safe to watch by any age group and both genders. In fact, I recommend anyone to watch it on their spare time. But ecchi-oriented viewers should be warned, the anime itself is pretty "innocent" so one might get disappointed if raising the ecchi standard too high. With that said, the anime is still very entertaining and should be watched.

At first, this may seem like another ordinary maid/butler/master series with random events to fill up each episode. But in actuality this anime has a deeper story to it as first hinted on episode 1.

Both the artwork of the anime (characters, settings, etc) should not be disappointing to most viewers ... afterall if the artwork is terrible, I doubt the visual novel will be very good selling.

The only department that's a bit lacking in my opinion. There just wasn't any theme song that is particularly outstanding that I can recall (sadly the OP and ED were so-so as well) ... NOT terrible, they are just okay (they do fit some scene occasionally).

Another one of the strong point of the anime. Through each little event in the series, character relationships are developed and over time one will come to understand the characters more and more the end, one will have a good understanding of each uniquely developed character.

Just to name an example:

Why Shinra is attached to Miyu but not Yume was explained half way through the story. Later on they were able to talk things through and strengthen the bonds between them.

Enjoyment etc
I definitely enjoyed the anime a lot more than I first expected. The fact that they have the right voice actor animating a particular role just made it even more entertaining (watch and you'll know what I mean). This will be glaringly obvious to anyone who have watched G Gundam.