Oct 13, 2012
animeRoads (All reviews)
Hmm... What the fu*k is this? An alien who wants to fish a legend, so he involves a guy who is socially awkward and another guy who's good at fishing. Okay... I think that's the summary of my review.

No, seriously, this is one of the MOST confusing anime I've EVER seen in my whole bloody life. The first 3/4 episodes don't make much sense... and the story don't take off until ep 6. By then, I figure most people would've dropped it already.

So in a sense, this anime tests the viewer's perseverance .... and my God, if you persevered, you're in for one good treat. When the story kicks in, you are hooked, much like a fish. There's a sense of uniqueness surrounding this anime. You just gotta watch it to understand.

Now, if you've read my review all the way here, I thank you. But honestly, you would've noticed I've not talked about the characters/story/art etc at all. Well, I did say you gotta watch it to understand. I could say how good/bad this anime is, but that's my opinion. I only want to encourage others to explore an anime, instead of reading some stranger's comments.