Oct 10, 2012
Puerh_Cha (All reviews)
Possible SPOILERS 'cause I don't really care if I do spoil.
First time reviewing so here it goes:

Continues right where it left off which that in itself Sawaki's focus was taken away and was replaced by I'm not sure what. The story just seemed like two minor stories that just barely ended in a satisfying way. It wasn't horrible perse, but it was definitely mediocre-feeling in comparison to the 1st season.

Still consistent art style. Saturated coloring and distinguishable character design. Oddly enough, I had trouble distinguishing Mutou though. I didn't realize she was such a drinker as well. She lost her tan o.o;; Their clothes kept changing as well which in theory can be seen both a good or bad way -shrugs-

Still fun music and all that. Though not in comparison to the 1st season. ClariS was used for the opening. Which I felt was too light-hearted/girly and not suitable for the series...but then again, for a sequel that seems to focus more on the women? Sure. Enjoyed the ending song though. Went great with the series and arguably could go with the 1st season if it wanted to.

Seriously, what happened? What happened to their quirks? If you're starting off from where you left off, at least stay consistent to their personalities. It needed an OOMPH. It wasn't exactly there.

Eh, I admit I got somewhat bored in the middle, but I stuck with it. If my attention span was worse, it'll be debatable if I dropped the series completely. Though I'm not one to drop a series so quickly, especially for a 11-episode one. It's still fun, but it lost some spark.

I came with expectations for a great series. It sorta fell flat. But I finished and I'm eh, lukewarm about it. Thank gawd for the microbes. They were the most fun of the series. Still the same more or less.