Oct 3, 2012
ShySorrow (All reviews)
Well, I finally did it, though I was never actually opposed to it, but I've had more of an interest in hentai lately and one of the tags listed at the website I watched this anime was crossdressing. That always catches my eye, so I thought I'd give it a try.

The story isn't very deep, just as the synopsis said, its about two young teens in a family who take pleasure in sex tormenting or exploring others at their huge mansion and estate, which is infrequently visited by their father. Sometimes they seem naughty innocents: just wanting to have a good time or learn new techniques, but at others can be mildly cruel in meting out their "punishment" to their victim.

What's not listed in the synopis or included in the tags on most of the sites I saw carried the episodes, is that the first one explicitly features bestiality. That wasn't a shock to me, in and of itself, but it was unexpected. And unlike human sexual parts, the animals were not censored. Let's just put it that way. The second episode that I saw was uncensored.

Family of Debauchery has its intended affect, at least it did for me anyway. Definitely a guilty pleasure, but it was at least coherent and the art was comparable to an average "regular" anime, somewhat old school. If you are looking to get hot, the action is regular and varied. I've actually rewatched both episodes.