Sep 30, 2012
Nipsirc (All reviews)
That was..... actually pretty good : O

Well i expected nothing but disappointment from this movie, i scored degeneration a 4, and didn't see what was going to be much different in this one from the clips i'd seen.

Following on roughly from around the events of resident evil 4, the story follows Leon (of RE2 and 4) as he continues his adventures as an American spy/super special solder of some sorts. He ends up in some obscure soviet resembling war zone, amidst freedom fighters and government soldiers, with rumblings of monsters being involved in the fighting.

If you've seen any cgi game adaptation made in the last few years, the art and sound are going to be entirely familiar, its the same stuff used in exactly the same way. In fairness, they don't slaughter the facial animations in the way degeneration and tekken did, and generally it all works. I watched the dub, which is not the norm for me, but proved to be sufficient, fairly sure Ada and Leon are voiced by their game VA's so all good on that front.

Content wise, the films starts off very poorly, all of the freedom fighters made me want to self harm, as soon as they starting spewing dialogue, and the plot seemed ridiculous as expected from anything from RE these days.
Do not fear, it does infact come together towards the mid sections, and builds up to a dam right impressive finale. What was particularly satisfying was after all the early games going on about the various viruses, being used to create bio weapons, only for them to continually get defeated in their beta stages by single human opponents, we do actually get to see monsters deployed in a war zone, and they actually work well. Getting to see the perfect form tyrants in action was particularly satisfying, i was almost in awe when the first one showed up.

Overall, if you have any remaining love for RE give this a watch, at least as good as the 2nd Final fantasy cgi movie, if not the best cgi movie made.