Sep 17, 2012
Charliegone (All reviews)
I really wanted to like this anime. The first episode I watched gave me hope that this would be a good anime and so I decided to stick around, now I don't know if I should have.

Basically there are 3 main characters. Nova, the katana wielding special forces guy in the Arcana family, he's a pretty serious looking guy from the outside, but he's got his soft spots for certain people. Probably the more mature one of the 3 mains. Next is Liberta who is your typical goofball that always ALWAYS follows his heart and doesn't really think things through. He's impulsive, but hides a secret apparently. Then you have Felicita who's kind of independent, feels a sense love towards her comrades, but we're not really told if she has some kind of love interest in the other main characters. There's a number of other characters, but they're not explored deep into so they're not really that important.
If I had to choose the most interesting one, it would probably be Nova? Why? You can relate to him to an extent that makes you care for him. Liberta is probably the weakest imho, his reasons just seem rather shallow so you end up (I did) rooting against him. Felicita well..she ends up being the love interest let's just say.

The storyline is somewhat strange to be honest. It tries to focus on this Duello or Duel that would reward the winner with Felicitas hand and of course any wish they want. This sounds great to start. Heck I love duels, who doesn't? Well from there you get to know the main characters better. A few episodes are spent on developing their chemistry, histories, etc, but then there seems to be some fillers in between in my opinion which detracts from the story, though I really like the focus on the characters, still the story line didn't really seem solid. I felt like it was missing something. It felt more like a harem with just better characters, if I could explain the feeling when I watched this anime. The Duello? That? It was plain garbage. I was so disappointed in the battles (they didn't even show all of them and the important ones they just put up crap), I was like man that's it? So disappointing. To top it off through out the episodes you were being let on to believe that Felicita would choose who she liked....well let me just tell you you're gonna be disappointed with the outcome. Hell I was. A LOT of people were.

In the end the anime had some potential. I thought the main characters were good, but that terrible story line and ending just completely bring down this anime. I really wanted to like it, but it just plain disappointed me. It ended up being almost garbage. 3 out of 10.