Aug 17, 2008
Chanellia (All reviews)
in-one-sentence :
lovely sci-fi manga with imaginative touch .

The Review

Story :
very simple one without any tense and holocaust ,a super safe G-Rated manga and it's a quality one . But , it's sci-fi and imaginative theme , such as creating toys named angelic layer is something unique and attractive for children , a fresh air after surrealistic toys with stupid imaginative and less-creativity such as Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh! .

Dialogues :
Very Cardcaptor Sakura . No special things , just simple , just very CLAMP but yet enjoyable.

Character :
less-character improvement and no abnormality , just very normal character who you can find in real life .

Enjoyment :
very easy-reading , a side-kick manga .

Overall :
A Chobits packaged in G-rated .