Aug 17, 2008
Aphiel1 (All reviews)
In the end my evaluation of this series when my friends asked me about was that if you don't mind like a thousand penis jokes then go ahead and watch this series. That's right so sue me if that's wrong but that how I felt.
Story- The story itself is a new twist on numerous generic plots those being the animes where there is a master slave scenario (though not in the evil hurting way and more cutesy pokemon way), there is a play on the spirit world/spirit hunter type of anime, and of course your basic girl meets guy plot with a harem scheme thrown in to keep things interesting.
Art- Okay it wasn't terribly drawn but I think things could've been done better so in the end I was a little unimpressed with the art.
Sound- Voice acting was okay and so was every other sound I heard of course jap lang eng sub is best for optimum watching experience.
Character- I felt more could've been done with character development I mean this series had a lot of episodes and plenty of them were just plain unnecessary so what would've been so bad about some deeper character development episodes.
Enjoyment- I liked plenty of aspects about the series but because of some of the blatantly unnecessary stupidity and cruddy jokes my enjoyment was far less than it should've been.
Overall- I summarize this series as a bad joke that's good for a cheap laugh. The romance aspect of it is a little mediocre and the action is equivalent to that which means your watching for the comedy and since I'm not a big fan of penis jokes I kind of rolled my eyes alot.