Sep 9, 2012
Allografter (All reviews)
This is, quite simply, a masterpiece of an anime.

Showcasing the dark and deep depths of depression, agoraphobia, social isolation and suicide ideation experienced by the main characters – it is impossible not to get drawn into the story and, perhaps even, empathise a little with their emotions.

Nestled in neatly with the dark foci is a very light romance, a little mystery and even some humour and parody – making for a rather intoxicating concoction and one that had me thirsting for more.

It is clear that the show targets a more mature audience with many of the themes portrayed but that’s perhaps one of the reasons I found myself addicted to the series. Moving away from fantasy and being hit with the brick of reality is precisely what ‘Welcome to the NHK!’ attempts to do and a the same time, deal with a real social issue that is prevalent in Japan.

Although the art and music complement the show perfectly, the rich and engrossing development of Satou and Misaki is what really makes this show stand out.

When friends, who don’t understand what anime is about, gently laugh at my interest and assume it’s all magic, monsters and Pokemon – I will be directing them to this.

I can’t believe it’s taken me 6 years to watch this anime …