Sep 4, 2012
Degran (All reviews)
I recently watched this show for the second time after a few years and I must say, it's still just as funny.

The only 'poor' rating I gave was concerning the story. What can I say, Lucky Star doesn't HAVE a story but I won't condemn it for it. That's one of the aspects that make it so great.

The conversations are what really characterize this series. All you hear are every day conversations between some high school girls and the weird thing is, it's hilarious. I even found myself having some of those discussions with my friends. It was fun to tell them the facts I learned by watching this. X)

The animation fits the content perfectly. You shouldn't watch this expecting idealized high school girls. If anything they look younger.

The intro and outro are very typical as well. The intro is a bit catchy. The outro is simple but also made me laugh some times, it's too bad I didn't know most of the songs they sang. The end of this series actually gave me goose bumps.