Aug 31, 2012
gato03 (All reviews)
Two days ago I went for the first time to a cinema in Japan and while I was at first indecisive as to watch Fairy Tail, Naruto or the Rurouni Kenshin Live action, I ended up going for Fairy Tail.

When I entered the cinema I had no real idea of what the story was about, I had seen a very short trailer but nothing else. Aside from that, my japanese understanding still has a loong way to go, so probably I missed some of the details that could have made me enjoy the movie more. But I got the hang of the general idea which is basically about two stones that is said to give "eternity" to the owner when they are put together. Due to this legend, the king of Velonica (if I remember right) is seeking for it. He already has one half and the other half is with Eclair, a girl who have lost her memories.

While the story goes about unveiling the mystery of Eclair past and the stone, the movie itself seems to be dedicated to Lucy, who is the one that becomes more close to Eclair. Because of this I felt that Natsu became more of a supportive character.

But going back to the story, it was okay, not really the most original story, actually is cliché considering that there's thousands of stories out there about seeking eternity. Yet it was still somehow enjoyable.

As for the characters, well the main characters we all know were all good so I'm gonna skip them. As for the new introduced characters... I can't say that they grew on me. Maybe because the time was short, but I felt the character development a bit lacking, specially the enemies.

On the good side, sound was fantastic and by sound I mean the background music. I totally loved the arrangement of the Fairy Tail Theme Song. During the battles I probably ended up paying more attention to the music than to the battle itself Lol That's how good I thought it was.
As for the voice acting, it was great off course! I think the seiyuus did a very good job in their respective character.

Last but not least, the animation. Surprisingly it was better than I expected. Interestingly they showed some blood.

Overall, it was less than what I expected (the story) but the art and music made up for it so it was, at the very least, enjoyable.

Note that I gave an 8 for overall but I say its more like 7.5