Aug 31, 2012
AkihisaYoshii (All reviews)
I'd like to set record straight and give you an honest review. The series, as a whole, first and second season are based, rather LIGHTLY, on the Manga of the same name. Keep that in mind.

Rosario+Vampire is a show that FEEDS off of fan service, harem stereotypes, and it's own unique sense of humor within it's story. Don't expect anything more than that. Take this anime as it is and you have a pretty decent show to watch and pass the time by.

Story: 6
The story isn't like the manga. Not even anime adaptations are anything like the "book" it seems. Rosario+Vampire's story is chopped up into pieces for the most part, and each episode is it's own slice of life for Tsukune and the gang. Repetition...often. Less than the first season though. Only in the last few episodes does a real epic story that runs smoothly begin to come together. Lots of fan service, lots of laughs because of how the harem is put together etc. don't expect much more and enjoy it for what it is.

Art: 8
Gonzo, as usual has done a fantastic job animating the show. It's very smooth, and nice to look at (no I'm not talking about the fan service). I've seen better, but Gonzo does a good job at keeping it consistently decent.

Sound: 8
Like I said, Harem, Ecchi, whatever you want to call it, the soundtrack to this show fits it very well. The ever now famous "Churu Churu Paya Paya," is a masterpiece score for some scenes in this anime, along with other songs that really pull the show together and make it's comedy valid. Add that up with amazing OP and ED songs for BOTH seasons by Nana Mizuki, and you have yourself a good anime soundtrack.

You have Tsukune, the wimpy lead with a huge heart, you have your moe in Moka, you have your...Tsundere?...I suppose in Inner Moka. Kurumu is your typical flirt, Mizore is the all out stalker, Yukari is your loli, add in some adult themes and BAM generic anime harem right? WRONG. Though I rate it low for extreme lack of character development, the characters take on their own personas for the anime. BECAUSE it's set in a unique monster environment, each character has certain special traits about them. Given they are emphasized more on in the manga, but the anime at least gives you the basics. I can't say I've seen many other ecchis with a Vampire, Succubus, Snow-Woman, and Witchling all after one guy. Tsukune however stands out among the bunch, though he seems like a below average student with good intentions, there's more to him. He genuinely cares for the others, all as friends, and wants to be able to protect them. This is shown frequently in the series that though he is powerless, he's willing to fight, no matter what the cost. Which does lead to some interesting situations.

Enjoyment: 9
I laughed...I laughed. It IS enjoyable for what it is. A harem anime with your typical stereotypes played on well, with your BIG twist of them being monsters, and Tsukune being human. Decent bit of action to sate that hunger, and watching Tsukune progress ever so slightly as a character was cool. Don't come expecting anything more than laughs, fan service, and a few decent romantic/admirable scenes.

Overall: 7
Good anime. Not the best, not terrible. They advertised as an ecchi, they sold an ecchi to the public. You view it as anything else and you'll hate it....but then that'd be your own fault. If you need to pass some time by, and you like the genre, give it a look. One of the best harem animes in a while, here's hoping for a 3rd season with more story and character development than we've seen!