Aug 29, 2012
Miya_ (All reviews)
"A deliquent-like guy and a super-smart girl"

Story 9/10:
The basic is not really original, because more mangas are about a goody-two-shoes and a deliquent, but how this manga was drawn and written is orignal in it's own way.

It's about a smart girl. Haruko Nanase, she's the smartest of the class, alright. She met that deliquent guy and the story goes on~ The deliquent, Hachiya wasn't really much at school, mostly skipping it, because he wasn't really smart or something, but Nanase understoood that he just didn't even try to learn. So somehow they ended up as a kind-of-friends or something? Ahum, just go read the story if u wanna know ^^
(Ah i meant that the story wasn't really original, cuz in some kinda way the girl tries to get the deliquent guy back to some kinda way.. (yea, repeated that.)

Art 10/10:
Totally lovely, great art, original in it's own way, and i totally loved it, the comedy faces were amusing as well..!

Enjoyment 10/10:
I loved it, even though i haven't read the last chapter yet, i actually think it's sad that it doesn't go on.. it's a great manga, and it was mostly about daily life, so why not go on? Is what i think. Ah but all in all, it was super enjoyable and that means:

Overall 10/10 ^o^b
Loved it.