Aug 28, 2012
Degran (All reviews)
I should have known but this series is meant for the female audience. There's not much more I can say. I didn't like it that much but mainly because I was expecting something else.

The story isn't anything special. It could have turned out better but it stayed pretty normal. It's just about a girl who never gives up.

The conversations between the characters aren't that good. You can almost predict what each character is going to say because they almost never do something unexpected. I was sometimes really irritated by what the heroine said because she never stays true to her word.

The animation was annoying when I started watching. After a while I got used to it but it still wasn't good. The faces seem deformed when viewed from other angels.

I really didn't like this series at first. It was only because I kept watching that I started to sympathise with the characters.