Aug 21, 2012
MezuAri (All reviews)
Since I am a die-hard fan of the whole Resident Evil dimension, I tried me best to remain unbiased writing this review and treat it as an individual piece as opposed a part of an amazing saga. This movie was the first RE ever and overall I think it was done just "fine." If this was released in our current time (the 2010's) I would say it's a piece of junk, but this movie goes over 10 years ago where the business and the world of CG movies are just prospering. Back then this movie would probably be very enticing and one of its kind. I know many would not necessarily agree with what I have to say, but it's simply my personal opinion.

What I liked about the movie is the whole bio-genetic part of it that's very similar to the story (heck as it should be) and some idea about the original story as how the virus spread. I also like that the mutation was very similar to beasts (creatures) that are within the actual series of the video games. However and unfortunately, I believe that there are more negatives than positives than can be viewed by the audience.

The first of all is the sound quality. I don't think that the voice acting was done very well (again my personal opinion, many might think otherwise). The biggest con that I found in this "anime" was the mutation part. Sure the mutation of one of the characters (avoiding spoilers) was just too much for me to believe, but that's what Resident Evil is what sometimes all about. I didn't like that much in the movie seeing that they could probably divide it into stages.

The reason I enjoyed this might because some scenes are just so ridiculous that it's amusing. Another reason is because it is simply part of Resident Evil, it doesn't have to be more than that ^^ I recommend to watch it to get a glimpse of old CG movie styles and to complete your fandom if you are a fan of Resident Evil.