Aug 19, 2012
Allografter (All reviews)
Unique. Original. Surreal. Fetishistic. Fantastic love story.

Don't be put off - this is not an ecchi anime. The synopsis and premise of the story is enough to raise your eyebrow (and possibly retch) before moving on. This would be a mistake. Like B Gata H Kei, the precis fails to do justice to the wonderful romantic story that lies within.

The combination of retro late-80's art and beautifully melodic musical themes with the surreal nature of Tsubaki's dreams are near on a masterpiece.

Granted, the saliva swapping scenes may make some viewers nauseated but if you can deal with that, you will fall into a captivating series.

As mentioned, this is not an ecchi anime and I am little disappointed to see it tagged with that because it will certainly push viewers away. I found myself watching the whole series in one go such was the addictive nature of the story. Witnessing the development of the relationship between Tsubaki and Urabe was like a drug and I couldn't get enough of it.

Miyu Irino of AnoHana fame provides the voice of Tsubaki but it's Ayako Yoshitani on her major seiyu debut which makes the show superb with a fantastic performance of Urabe.

I cannot recommend this show enough. I'm off to start reading the manga ...