Aug 10, 2008
Scallion (All reviews)
While watching this movie, I could easily see it being adapted into a TV series on Sci-Fi or CBS. The premise is so good that you'd wonder why nobody thought of it: the whole world is overtaken by a wind that gives them amnesia so severe, that they have forgotten everything that makes them human. Language, science, art, all of it, gone. Mankind in its entirety is no more advanced than a neanderthal. At one point, the main character describes how he was frightened by his own reflection, because he had forgotten the very concept. It has the makings of something like Jericho or Lost, without the polar bears.
Sadly, the cool premise isn't really brought out to its full potential because of time constraints. But the writers deserve some credit for putting in some interesting scenarios. it's the kind of "What if?" science fiction that makes for great short stories. Wataru and Sophia's little journey to New York could have been stretched into a 26 episode-long season, and very well should have. That's the only real gripe I have. Nothing about it is too memorable. The animation is good, traditional 80s fare- but not amazing. There aren't any outstanding songs, or anything like that. The English localization is really good, by the way, and worth a listen. The script writers did a good job, and managed to make a lot of the dialog sound meaty and substantial, where it could have easily fallen flat. Oh well. It's worth a downl-er, rental.