Aug 14, 2012
Shaja (All reviews)
Watching biohazard incubate is not a entirely pleasureable experience. A ova from the Ps2 release of Resident Evil 4 sounds promising but they really just put together a loosly strung together clip show. Being of a considerable length i was looking forward too seeing what must be a rather cinematic experice having previously watched biohazard degeneration. I was sorely dissapointed from what i came to discover.

Aside from game cinematics its patched togehter with actual game footage which is choppy and rideged at best. No where near high standards of animations. Not all of it is ridged and choppy just what wasnt a prerendered cutscence. It also does a lot of jump cuts without any explanation for the plot so you will be at Point A and then randomly at Point Q and be expected to know whats happening. You will also meet a very small cast with some great voice talents but not given much of a chance to do much else other than further the plot along minimally.

I really wanted to love this ova i truly did but it was just not meant to be a real ova. Its just a choppily slapped together recap movie. I wasted time watching this as it didnt offer any entertainment value. Fans of the series might enjoy it but i think outsiders will instantly condem this Ova as wasted time.