Aug 10, 2012
quadnia (All reviews)
The final series, of the Shakugan No Shana story. I personally found this one the best out of the 3, plenty of action, romance mainly focus on Yuji and Shana not that bitch Kazumi. Some people say that the 3rd series lacked romance compare to the other 2, i strongly disagree, Shakugan no Shana II almost half of the series was all useless fan service, the only bit of romance was probably the end. I admit that the 1st one probably had more romance compare to the 3rd one, but the 1st one had significantly less fights than the 3rd one.

Story 9

The must unexpected twist in a story i had ever seen, never in a million years did i think that Yuji will join up with BM (Bal Masque) and fight against the FH (flame haze). Yuji who had the God of creations, Sairei no Hebi in him, wanted to free shana from the destiny of the flame haze, a never ending fight against the tomogara. The fights between Yuji and Shana led to romance development between them which was pretty nice to watch and enjoy, Yuji FINALLY chooses a girl after 50 episodes... Season 3 is basically a war between the Tomogara and the Flame haze, Yuji who wanted to create a world for the Tomogara, meaning they will all leave the current world and flame haze wouldn't fight anymore, at the start I was thinking "great thats good, finally peace" so i was VERY confused on why the flame haze continued to fight even though Yuji's action will lead to peace, after rewatching those episodes several times i realised that the Flame Haze was fighting for the future while Tomogara was fighting for the present, that was the only difference. If we were playing a game, you can call the ending a "good end" like its literally a good end with no bad outcomes and everyones happy, very first time witnessing one. I found this ending to be absolutely amazing, even rewatching just the last 5 mins a hundred times, i still get emotional at Shana and Yuji's talk =P.

Art 8

Yuji's new look is pretty badass, he looks like a true villain. Most of the character design didn't really change, everybody still looks the same but i guess they can't really change much considering their clothes are part of their weapons. I think the animation of the massive fight scenes were pretty well done, most the FH looked different, but for the tomogara, you can see the same one like 10 times they didn't really put much effort in it, but i guess it'll be hard to come up with loads of unique monster designs. The new characters were also quite good as well, with the new tomogara design weird as ever and monstery like and the new flame haze well, there all very different and their clothes really match their personality.

Sound 8

The opening songs is as amazing as ever, even after listening to them probably about a hundred times on youtube and on my phone I'm still not bored of it. The ost is quite well done, i especially like the one in the ending, a nice slow piano theme while Yuji and Shana is talking about their relationship. The fight OST is pretty good as well. The ending songs is also as amazing as ever, i especially like what they do now where they have part of the ending song playing just before the end of the episode, for me it kinda created a cliffhanger feeling making me want to watch more.

Character 9

It really is amazing to see how much Shana has changed, from a complete Tsundere into someone who can freely express her feelings but i do love the bit in the end where she uses Urusai x3 again at that point i was just thinking "YAY shes back woooo!'. In this season she's more open towards all the character and it soon becomes clear that because of this it has affected everyone else as well especially Wilhelmina, at the start she refused to recognise Shana as a flame haze due to Shana's feeling, but now after 2 seasons she finally accepts Shana. Plus I think she became more soft, and more opening as well. In the past 2 season's Yuji was pretty predictable, you knew what he was doing and their was nothing mysterious about him, That all changed in season 3, He became a character that is the complete opposite, and in a way Shana became more like what Yuji was before. This was actually kinda fun to enjoy for me, for Yuji who was always following Shana to actually oppose her feels like he finally became a man, but i know a lot of viewers who disliked the fact that they fight. One thing i am especially happy about is Kazumi finally being out of this love triangle, no more obstacle's between Shana and Yuji or so i thought... The introduction of new and old flame hazes/tomogara was pretty good, it shows just how large the armies of both sides was. Love seeing Khamsin again and Rebecca was a pretty interesting new character.

Enjoyment 9

This anime was probably about 70% fight scenes, with about 20% romance, the fight scenes was very enjoyable to watch, the plans that the FH came up with, the sacrifices that occur. Although the comedy factor of this anime was gone, I found the new relationship developments between Yuji and Shana very enjoyable to watch, each scene was very heartwarming. I liked the story of season 3 the most, it finally felt like that story was going somewhere, in the last 2 seasons it was always the same, Bal Masque did something Flame haze stopped them. Which probably made it quite enjoyable to watch for me. Best bits of the anime was probably when Yuji's tells of his plan, and the ending. The ending is just.... words can't describe it.

Overall 9

Overall I didn't think the story was lacking anywhere probably except for some character design of the minions of Tomogara, but its not a big deal, the Story is better than the other 2 although the romance was lacking but it still had more than season 2. What i found pretty amazing is the character relationships and how much it developed. The opening and ending songs still top notch. The Shakugan No Shana series is a must watch, all 3 seasons is really good in my opinion, if your a fan of Action, Romance anime then i think Shakugan no Shana is definitely for you, also with 70 something episodes you probably won't be bored for a while or at least a week =P. For people who says omg i want season 4, its not gonna happen the light novel finished so URUSA!I, URUSAI!!, URUSAI!!!!