Aug 8, 2012
maxima423 (All reviews)
i usually dont finish 12 episode animes in two days, but when i do, i know its a real work of art.

if you're looking for a amazing anime to watch, than this is the one for you. it has everything you would want, awesome story, hilarious characters and one epic goal to bring them together.

the story does start of kind of slow, but for a good reason, the characters needs to develop the necessary skills in order to accomplish their goals, the real story actually starts around episode 5 than it really picks up, it picks up so much that i couldnt stop from episode 7-12, each episode keeps me wanting for more and more, and to me, i havent had an anime make me want to do that for a LONG time.

and also, one of my favorite hobbies is fishing, so this actually taught me a couple things, and thats always a bonus =)

give this anime a shot, you will be very surprised on how awesome it is