Aug 8, 2012
barcaman101 (All reviews)
Jun fudo lives every young woman dream.She's a beautiful and famous model who garner attention and envy from all around here.

Her life changes forever when she encounters a strange woman by the name of Asuka Lan who reveals a demonic form within Jun.Jun later learns about those who carry the devilbeast gene and is then recruited to fight rogue devilbeast by a government organization due to her unique ability to retain her human consciousness even when she transforms into a beast.

This is certainly an anime thats get better as it goes along.The series starts with a monster of the week look, with Jun taking on new assingments to destroy the latest beast that have been taking human lifes.What makes the encounters between Jun and the rogue devilbeast so emotional, is that even though she is assigned to destroy them, she can sympatise as they were once human and a reflection of Jun own struggle to come to grips with the demon that dwell within her.

The plot eventually developes into a web of betrayal,romance and conspiracy as the demons wage war against the humans for supremacy of the earth.

The animation is fairly good,not as fluid as other 90's title but with good detail and chatacter design.As usual with most Go Nagai work,there is strong sexual undertones to this show{woman+woman}.There wasn't a great deal of music in this show ,with the exception for the haunting theme that played to build suspence.I didnt think it was a weakness, as the silence went well with the dark nature of the anime.This is such an emotional anime and the characters are convincing in their roles and interact well with the plot and each other.It was especially entertaining to see Jun grow from fragile and self loathing to becoming far more self assured.

The show does have several flaws which include vagueness with regard to the mythical aspects of the ''child of god'' scenario that comes in the latter episodes and the fact that despite Jun fighting gigantic monster in the city, it took so long to garner any civilian attention{not even the best government agencies can hide godzilla fighting in the backyard}.

Overall a very emotional and entertaining show.