Aug 8, 2012
Sisseltong (All reviews)
I started this series somewhere in 2010 because of my love for (original) vampires. It does have vampires in it which are very traditional: blood sucking with fangs in the neck, blood thirst, abnormal abilities, ...
These vampires are more realistic to me since they can just walk in daylight and don't turn into bats.

I liked this series from the beginning and it was always in my mind as 'a good manghwa' even though I didn't finish it yet. Because of that, I tried to read it again and finished it in a few days.
The plot was very unexpected for me, which I did like a lot.

The art is very pretty. I still wonder how the mangaka can draw those eyes again and again. You can see their emotes and actions well.

The characters are pretty mainstream. Two boys falling in love with one person and fighting for her. You have the evil side and the good side. You have the best friend who does everything and so on.
Only the main character was for me very special compared to the others.

Too bad the ending is sort of an open ending. Personally, I don't like that, but after al, I liked the way the ending went.

Two years laters, I enjoyed this series and I'm glad to have read it. A must read for every (traditional) vampire fan or romantic fantasy story lover.