Aug 5, 2012
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Btooom! is one of those relatively not-well-known manga. Most people would probably not be interested in this manga just by seeing its cover page, which is in the format of a video game case. I know I almost did. Nevertheless, this manga has amazing plotline, characters, and artwork. If you would want to see what happens when a gamer-shut-in is thrown into a merciless game where a bunch of people hated by the society use bombs to kill each other, and this survival game just happens to be the same as the one he always plays. Furthermore, he meets a busty teenage girl who just happens to fall for him. Together, they must use every inch of their cunning to avoid being killed by other participants. Yep. By combining all these different elements, you get btooom!

Story: 8
The story is refreshing and full of mystery. There are a lot of plot twists and the reader will never know what will come next. This manga is narrated solely from Ryuuta's view (the protagonist). We slowly discover the mystery to this cruel survival game as Ryuuta learns more. This creates a sense of anticipation and makes this manga enjoyable. Furthermore, one thing that this manga excel at is the use of back stories, for both main and supporting characters. These back stories are flashbacks that explain why the characters act the way they do. However, they are not as fully fleshed out as I would like.

Despite the amazing start, this manga, through its slow updates, is slowly degenerating to the realm of mediocrity. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but we will see how it plays out.

Art: 8
I am not much of an art person, but suffice to say that I find the art in btooom! well done.

Character: 8
The most notable aspect of character portrayal in btooom! is realism. This is evidently seen in our protagonist, Ryuuta. Although he is a neet, an anti-social, and has anger management problems, he also possess incredible compassion to help others, an observant and calculating brain that enables him to survive, and a strong sense of morals. This manga is not only told in his perspective, but we can also hear his complex thoughts on every page. This is what made this manga really interesting.

Enjoyment: 9
As you can see, I enjoyed this manga a lot :D I definitely recommend it.

Overall: 8
Btooom! Is a refreshing survival game manga that deals in various genres, such as mystery, action, psychological, romance, ecchi, and seinen. Some would like to claim that it is a rip-off of battle royal, but personally I don't see why that should even matter.

Here is to wishing that future chapter releases would continue to keep up the good work.