Aug 6, 2008
Nobody does an attack on a civilian population better than the Gundam franchise.

The opening to this movie blew me away. When a gigantic bullet casing, falling from a mecha's weapon, bounced off a lady's head on a street far below, causing her to fall over and die, I instantly gave this a 10.

This is the kind of movie I was hoping Char's Counterattack would be. A coherent and compelling movie charting everything we love about the Gundam franchise. The horror and tragedy of war, the visceral action and drama, the complexity and ambiguities of ideologies, mecha blowing shit up.

Char’s Counterattack had all that, but to me felt like you were tuning into a movie midway through; you were thrown into a situation that you weren't introduced to properly. It had too much plot machinations and not enough breathing space for characters, too many ideas and not enough execution. F91 however does it all correctly.

Yes, F91 is the outcome of a full TV series being cancelled midway through pre-production, and turned into a movie instead, but the movie does not reflect that at all. It does not feel incomplete or flawed beyond redemption, it actually feels like a prologue to an epic 50 episode saga, one that we won't mind missing out on because there’s too many ways they can end up generic and tiresome, much like the Gundam show F91 is the continuation of: Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

The only negative thing I can say about this movie is that some of the scenes with the Crossbone Vanguard aristocracy are a bit too long and feel obligatory, but they're still essential to understanding their motives, so they're not a complete waste of time. Obviously there's no villain on par with Char Aznable, but it would be too much to expect one.

Where this movie shines, and what we should focus on, is the attention to detail, like the aforementioned woman-killing gigantic bullet, the reimagining of the tropes of the genre that Mobile Suit Gundam introduced back in 1979, such as survivors of an attack forced to become soldiers, and the ambiguous motivations that spur men to want to kill millions of human beings for a greater good.

Another negative thing about F91 is the total rip-off of the Empire Strikes Back bad guys theme. I'm not a SW geek so I don't know the actual title, but it's probably 'Imperial March' or something.

But other than these small nitpicks (and the fact that the MSG Random Slap ratio is pretty damn low) it's an awesome movie with brilliant animation that puts A LOT of today's anime to shame. And it hilariously keeps up another MSG tradition: stupid names for characters: Seabook.

It's not the name of a prize-winning race horse. It's our main hero.


Remember it. Remember F91, don't let it get overshadowed by other Gundam shows, this one is an accomplishment.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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