Aug 1, 2012
bumcakee (All reviews)
after reading the first chapter, i just couldnt...No i Didnt want to read anymore. Its The same cliche bad story. A dumb whiny girl who hates everyone at the start thinking shes gods gift to the world. Later she realizes how much she "loves" them. That isnt my problem though. what i hate is How she thinks shes in love with the main character. The Most popular guy, whos sweet responsible and is nice to everyone and she hates the second popbular guy, the cold mean hot guy whom everyone loves anyway, for ruining the chances of her being with him,
Then halfway she realizes she actually like the mean one and then azusas feelings get hurt cause he most likely likes her.(just like in star dust wink also a horrible manga)
its just horrible. shes just one of the worst anime characters ive encountered
my opinion is just Dont read it
Just Dont