Jul 28, 2012
lilytenjouXP (All reviews)
Another nice piece of work from Ito Junji. It is seriously a pleasure to read one of his works and feel a hint of weakness to fear and crave his other works.

I really did enjoying reading this one shot.

The story is something new. Something that is different and something that none of us have actually thought about before. As we read the title, 'Human Chair' we suddenly think of a chair that has feelings? A chair that is alive? Well, to simply put it we never do think of objects having feelings. But what Ito Junji has done with objects that we've never actually thought about really creeps me and gives me the chills. He's disguised it so well...

'a man used to live in it...' this mean what it actually means.
*Suddenly goes and checks my sofa... surely there isn't people living in my sofa right?...*

As always the art style is very detailed and gives you the eerie feeling. Dark and mysterious, he places great detail on the characters faces. When showing fear, it really shows, with the sweat, the changes in the facial expressions and the way their body is drawn to react, his drawing style really captivates me to read on and to find out what actually happens.

The characters were really average and i've got nothing to say. He has portrayed them very well, they all have their individuality.

My enjoyment in this was good. He could have created it a bit more scarier and tried to make it more atmospheric like what he's done with Tomie, but as a one shot he has done very well. He could have drawn it scarier *laughs* because i know he's very good at that. Then i would have up-ed my score to an 8 or 9 for enjoyment but a 7 will do.

My overall a 9/10
It's Ito Junji, i praise his work a lot and when i found Uzumaki in my book store i was more than happy to read it and buy it. The story is amazingly told and with every horror story he creates such a twist at the end which just makes you gasp at the end because it's ended so quickly! I would suggest reading more of his works so that you'll be able to enjoy it as much as i have.
He is seriously the best horror mangaka ever.

I know i could have enjoyed it more if he had but a bit more effort into it but yes a must read from Ito Junji for all you horror readers :D