Jul 30, 2008
BlackMagic (All reviews)
Don't let the looks fool you, this is no simple children's show. While the setup is the same, this show has very mature humor and even a decent amount of death and gore. Anyone who doesn't mind somewhat dated animation and dark humor should be in for a real treat with this series...and it only takes about 30 min to watch the entire thing.

Animation - 7
The art is pretty old fashioned as well as simplistic since it's portrayed similar to a children's show, but I think it adds to the appeal. The simplistic style lets the viewer take in everything that's happening on the screen easily, allowing for maximum enjoyment of the content. When comparing this animation to a show like Chi's Sweet Home, there is quite a bit of difference so I felt a 7 was justified.

Sound - 10
The sound is approached in a very simplistic way similar to the animation. The tunes are very simple, yet catchy and the sound effects combined with the background music does an amazing job of capturing the atmosphere and mood at the moment.

The voice actors are really amazing in this show. Nyako's voice is just spot on to how I would expect a female adolescent cat to sound and I love the feline accent she gives to words like nani by saying nyani. While her little brother Nyatta doesn't actually speak much, he is a very prominent member of the brother/sister tag team and constantly chimes in with a timely "nyaa" to show his agreement with Nyako. All of the voice actors are really dead on and capture the character whether it be a bum dying in the street, a wacky old scientist, or a matronly mother. I gave a 10 for sound because honestly I can't imagine any part of it being done better.

Character - 10
While there really isn't any character growth to speak of, I don't consider this a negative since the show revolves around the interaction of a multitude of unique characters in short episodes. Nyako and Nyatta are very enjoyable to watch as a team. The duo is very curious which leads them into various situations which often become more and more wacky due to Nyako's easygoing nature and often very disastrous due to her child-like innocence. The father never actually says a word in the series, but his actions speak louder than words and provide many moments of entertainment. The same goes for Nyako & Nyatta's mother who pulls off an aloof nature combined with the natural desire to supervise her children. She is very accepting when a woman throws dumplings in her face, but quick to admonish her children for giving pudding to a pig.

Story - 8
This series is comprised of several short episodes, each about a minute long. While there is no overarching plot, each individual episode is amazing considering how much is stuffed into it. Each episode focuses on Nyako and Nyatta and their experiences such as going to a haunted house, hunting with their dad, or stealing a garbage truck. Often these episodes show what happens when children apply the lessons they learn to the real world often with devastating consequences such as when little Nyatta believes the etiquette for taking a bath also applies when someone is drowning in a lake.

Enjoyment - 10
This show really appealed to me and its dark humor had a smile plastered across my face for the duration. The fast pacing of each episode means that there is basically no excess to be found, the fat has been trimmed and what's left is an ingenious combination of mature and dark humor that is only made more hilarious by the child-like presentation.

Overall - 9