Jul 19, 2012
I've just finish this 1 off special of "Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai" and I say it is all good, even thought this could have been better off, it were part of its parent anime's episode. Ok, so this is still about 3 young girls whom are in the care of their of surrogate parent named Yuuta and as usual there is still that thing in which Sora is competing for Yuuta's affection and there is an added competition for her in the named of Oda Raika a bodacious babe, who somehow would be a good surrogate mother of the 3 girls. But then again Sora would be a bitch against am I saying. Ok, so for the story since it hasn't lost that charming appeal I'll give is a "Good" number 7. But the art, since it is still the same, plus the fact that I am a poor art critic a "Mediocre" number 5 will do.

so for the rest:

Sound: Good 7.

Since I like both the opening and ending theme, also I kind find the voices of the 3 girls and that of Raika's very cutesy.

Character: Mediocre 5.

Since it is still the same cast.

Enjoyment and Overall: Good 7.

To be honest I really do enjoy the swimsuit fanservice part of this 1 off special aside from its charming appeal, so overall even though raika's fanservice has the big impact for this special, it is still worth watching. In fact one might think that Yuuko and Raika could have been a good couple and the 3 girls can serve as their children, that is only if Sora is not competition. Overall, it is all good to watch.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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