Jul 19, 2012
I watched one episode last night and ended up burning a sickie from work to finish it off today... I found this series by clicking through recommendations starting from 'Kimi ni Todoke', how I arrived here I don't recall, but thank goodness I did.

I don't think I've come across anything as unique as this. The story line was out of this world but not so far out that it is unwatchable.

The art was a plus for me, it was clean and easy to look at. The characters are very well designed. It was only 13 episodes, but I felt like I really got to know them well.

The soundtrack was very well thought out and really added to the experience of watching the story develop.

I'm almost tempted to hit up the manga to see if it goes any further. I was left wanting more.

Definitely not a waste of my time. Give it a go. If you get through episode one, you will shoot through the next 12 very quickly.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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