Jul 18, 2012
So hey, it's that time of the year again. Summer. And that means fun in the sun with Uncles and three adorable girls that he takes care of every day since the aftermath of a rather unfortunate incident. But fortunately for us, and the die hard fans, this latest OVA brings forth some fun and entertainment we can all adore and watch.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Special (also known by as Listen to Me, Girls, I'm Your Father! Special) is an unaired episode included in the fifth volume. For those unsatisfied from the original series in earlier 2012 for whatever reasons, this is an episode that you can come back to and say "let's try to finish this series again on a good note".

Like most OVA (i.e. Hyouka OVA, Maken-Ki, KoreZom ova, etc), this latest unaired episode has fan-service. Just take a look. No more than half way into the series and the girls are already in their summer bathing suits. And more than that, Sora is there being the typical tsundere, Miu being the typical mischievous girl, Hina being the typical adorable Hina, and Raika being the typical eye candy. Needless to say, this OVA is not much more about story but rather about enjoying the fun in the sun as the summer is here and the girls and Uncles all needs it especially after what they've been through since living together under one roof.

Of course, an OVA isn't complete without drama as a certain girl feels something for our Uncles that triggers the inner tsundere in our Sora. Oh but that's not all, the creepy lolicon Sako and the ladies man Nimura also makes their appearances and brings forth the drama into this special episode. Drama, I'd say, with a capital D.

The soundtrack and music of this special episode relatively stays the same as there's no change. Well, for those who miss it, you can go back and recall the OP song where Sora slaps Uncles in the morning. What a way to wake up.

The art also remain generally the same as Studio Feel continues with the color usage and brings forth just average drawn characters but adds in some light into this special episode especially towards the end.

Speaking of the ending, if for anything else, this OVA bought forth an tolerable ending. By that, it means that this special episode doesn't end leaving the viewers with "huh?" or one of those cliched fan-service shots. No, in this OVA it ends in a heartwarming moment that sheds away from the fan-service. Overall, this special episode (despite with the heavy fan-service that seemed to have degraded the mood of the original series to some extent), still has flavor and can be seen as something fun to watch, especially in the summer. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the final shot of the episode can be written that way. Let's just hope that if Season 2 ever debuts, it keeps the mood of the final scene and once again brings forth a heartwarming tale of family care and story that we can all enjoy.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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