Jul 17, 2012
G-Taste (Anime) add (All reviews)
LegionIscariot (All reviews)
“G-Taste”, mmmmhmmm. Just the name mixed with the cover art got all sorts of naughty images coming to mind about this anime.

It’s about Yuri of course, with some unrelated and some related stories.

Plots&Story 8/10 silly and good
Animation 8.5/10 very hot
Sound 8/10 I like the sound effects, the moaning, and the sound track
Characters 8/10 fun and silly
Enjoyment 8.5/10
Overall 8.5/10 between very good and great


Episode 1

Moe Yagizawa. An office worker who likes to masturbate. She really likes rubbing her pssy on metal poles, even in public. There are no sex scenes in this episode, just fan service and masturbation.

Episode 2

Morimura Nana. A new maid at a mansion. Her senior is Risa Mizutani.
Nana brakes a rule and Kannazuki Mai her « boss » has a very special method of punishment, one that you’ll like.
A very interesting 3 way H-scene in this episode + more for all you yuri lovers.
And for you who like zoophilia well there will be a little something for you aswell. Damn this is a good episode. I wouldn’t say I’m into zoophilia but I did enjoy that scene and I’m sure you will too.

Ep 3 is the continuation of ep 2

So the yuri continues. But what could we add to make it better? How about we add some more girls and some strapp-ons, sweet.
So in this episode the tides have turned on Miss Kannazuki who’s used to being in control. It’s time for her to be punished by the maids. And the ending has a big reveal.

Episode 4

Mizukoshi is a beautiful teacher adored by all the guys for being so ‘pure’. She has a problem though, she’s always in heat. It’s so bad that she even masturbates during class without the students noticing.
Eventually it is revealed to Doctor Fubuki (the female school doctor) why Mizukoshi has this problem.
Afterwards they do some things; they “experiment”, use your imagination. Here’s a hint: it’s sexual.
By the way Mizukoshi wears a swimsuit in this with the words ‘G-taste’ on it, just thought you’d like to know.

Ep 5
Misuzu Kawamura is part of the swim team. Her brother asks her to show him naughty things in her swimsuit, she does and their relationship changes. Misuzu is depressed so Mizukoshi from ep 4 cheers her up, and then they get to know each other’s body intimately (you can see them on the cover art). I’m not sure at what point these ladies became bisexual but whatever I’ll just enjoy the show.
And then Doctor Fubuki from ep4 also joins in.
Also a bit of comedy.

Episode 6

Nurse Asaka seems to have a crush on Nurse Kanae’s breasts. Doctor Fubuki (sister to Doctor Fubuki from ep 4-5) gave Asaka some special milk to drink, there seem to be something strange about this milk.

Episode 7

Miss Yuna Shingyouji is the new newscaster. When Yuna gets nervous she has a habit of stroking her microphone, which arouses the male viewers.
She does a report at a Games&Lobbies showroom where she tries out some kind of virtual pleasure pod. But the amateurs actually filmed it and broadcasted it.
Her female boss is actually proud of her, and she gets to make a newscast about an S&M club. She even gets to whip some of the ladies. Now that’s great television.