Jul 16, 2012
DeSwitch (All reviews)
Fukaya just got himself a girlfriend! Shion Fujino, a quiet and attractive girl who has actually agreed to go out with him. Sadly, all is not quite right with the world. The problem? Fukaya has the sinking suspicion that Fujino is just going out with him for sex. Hell, he can’t even tell if she likes him or her dildo more! Now Fukaya is on a mission to satisfy her desires and establish his place above her vibrating toys, but there is another girl who likes Fukaya and she will do whatever she can to split the two of them up. Can Fukaya withstand the temptation and succeed at being more to Fujino than just a penis with a lump of thrusting mass attached?

Now for the actual Review. So here goes:
You’ll often hear me talk about how I wish there was more of a focus on story elements when it comes to hentai titles. If all they do is sex, they succeed at being little more than another throwaway hentai feature. And even if the story isn’t good enough to make it worth a second watch, at least it can make the first time through more bearable. Every once in a while though, you’ll hit a title that really does something so well that the other aspects that may be lacking just don’t even matter anymore. And that’s what we have here with Hatsuinu.

If the synopsis didn’t clue you, there is no real story. It’s about the same as all the other hentai titles, trying to figure out a way to get the characters into all sorts of sexual situations. Fukaya and Fujino end up having sex just about everywhere you can think of; in the school bathroom, at home, on a train, at a water park, at a festival, etc. When they aren’t having sex, Fukaya is trying to figure out just how Fujino really feels about him, and if he is just being used for sex or if she really likes him. (I can hear you guys saying, “Where’s the problem with that?” All the fun and none of the baggage!… I’ve got nothing). The second episode throws in more of an unrequited love triangle, with another girl trying to move in on Fukaya and get Fujino out of the picture. This is done primarily to get a more climatic finish to the 2 episode OAV than anything else, but the end is very sweet so I can’t fault it too much.

So, what does Hatsuinu do well? Fujino. All the characters are pretty standard fare, especially the semi-wimpy looking leading man, but damn, Fujino is absolutely adorable! She’s mischievous, sexy, eccentric, and quite frankly, a nymphomaniac. She loves her toys and she’s not afraid to use them, and she does, almost continually. On a train, in class, swimming, why not have a vibrator pleasuring you? Fujino’s on a mission, 100% pleasure, 100% the time, and whether its toys, Fukaya, or both, she’s achieving her goal. She’s the star of the show, and she’s the reason to watch Hatsuinu. It’s only available censored right now, but if it’s this hot now, I can only imagine what it will be like when it finally gets licensed and uncensored…

Sadly there is one problem on the erotic side of things, the lack of variety. There is a lot of sex, but it’s also a lot of the same sex, and almost always between the same two people. If by the second episode you’re still cognizant, and haven’t drifted into another dimension of pleasure, you may notice that there is almost always the same stuff going on. Half the time she has a toy while Fukaya’s going at it, the other half of the time she doesn’t, but aside from that it’s all the same. Sure, they vary up the situations and places, but damn, give us something that’s a bit new and intriguing. You have such a wonderful girl to do other naughty things to, utilize it! Hopefully, with a sequel OAV in the works, aptly named Hatuinu 2; let us hope for more Fujino doing, or being done, in different ways.

Since Fujino doesn’t say more than about 10 words in the whole thing, (I wasn’t joking about her being quiet); it’s tough to really gauge her voice actress. Her moans are certainly tantalizing though, and really, that’s all that matters. The rest of the Japanese cast is great as well, but no English dub yet since it is unlicensed. Maybe that’s a good thing… Even the animation is above par and is one of the better looking hentai titles I have seen, though you will still see some corners cut.

Even without much of a story I have to give props when they’re due; Hatsuinu is one of the best hentai titles I have seen. Its success is squarely on the shoulders of Fujino, and she carries the OAV all the way through to the end. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you go find it. You really can’t go wrong.