Jul 12, 2012
shawngreat (All reviews)
This is my first review so it probably won't be the best. So, what i thought of Nagareboshi Lens was it seems really interesting. I thought they could of done WAY better for the first episode because it never explained how they got together but they'll probably explain it in episode two.

I find this anime VERY cute and it reminds me SO MUCH of kimi ni todoke which i love. The characters are interesting but sometimes it's pretty cliche and predictable.

Story line is getting there it's pretty good.
Art, it's really different big eyes and modern clothing.
Music, i like it, it has that kind of slow but nice sound to it.
Enjoyment, it reminds me so much of kimi ni todoke so i find it enjoyable.

Overall if you're looking for an anime that's cute interesting and dramatic i think Nagareboshi Lens is what you're looking for.